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Invitation Fonts



  • English
  • Hindi
  • Gujrati
  • Punjabi
  • Tamil & Bengali


Apart from English we also print in other Indian languages as Hindi, Gujrati, Punjabi, Tamil and Bengali  etc.
Word files or text to be typed by you for other languages.
Hindi and Gujrati text can also be faxed by you to us. We have typesetting facilities at our end.

You have liberty to send your own fonts, symbols too. Mail them at sales@omexcards.com For fonts you need to send ttf files (True type fonts) Text to be provided by you in form of word files. Pl. send the text at sales@omexcards.com Mention card code, quantity and other details in the word file itself.

Font Name
(Mention font name(s) in email or in the word file of the text you send us to see the proofs.)

(Click on image to see complete page layout in respective font.)

Amazone BT


Cornet Script 


Daniela OmexCards.com
Koffee OmexCards.com
Park Place OmexCards.com
Kanfmann OmexCards.com
Formal Script OmexCards.com
Place script OmexCards.com
ZaphChan Italic OmexCards.com

Samples are free & cost is adjustable in Bulk order 
Receive reply with in 24 hours via email or phone  (please email your phone number & we will call you) 
All Orders are printed and shipped within 7 to 9 working days, after receiving the proof approval.
Contact in Canada by email :sales@omexcards.com +1- 403-616-9656 or +1- 403-285-9088 if busy please leave a message.


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